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Student Housing

All housing complexes come with a cafeteria and are equipped with AC and Internet access. All overseas Chinese students at the undergraduate level are guaranteed student housing; applicants working towards a master’s degree are given priority for student housing. Please submit the application before the deadline.


  • Free access to the gym, swimming pool, running track, and other facilities in specific hours.
  • Free access to the computer lab.
  • As the second largest university library in Taiwan, NTNU library is home to about 1,440,000 publications, 1,900,000 multi-media resources, 710,000 copies of electronic publications and thousands of other electronic resources.


  • The Student Health Center and Consulting Center are always available to accommodate students’ needs.
  • We also have volunteering students to provide assistance.


  • The Watermelon Festival
  • The Art Festival
  • Cultural Week
  • Sports Show
  • Sports Week