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Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree Programs allow students to take credits from our sister schools, and, upon completing all requirements, acquire a dual degree recognized by NTNU and the school in which classes were taken. NTNU currently has 16 dual degree programs and 12 sister schools, including the University of Missouri-Columbia in the United States and the University of Oulu in Finland.

Student Exchange Agreements

Student Exchange Agreements allow students to transfer the credits taken at any of our sister schools. According to program policies, an exchange student may study in a sister school for 6 months to one year. Overseas Chinese students, however, may not apply to schools in his/her residing country.

Visiting Students

You may apply for short term visiting programs at universities overseas, not limited to our sister schools, while retaining your student status at NTNU. The applicant is responsible for all expenses and some of the credits received might also be transferable. Go to the webpage of the Office of International Affairs for more information.

Cross-Cultural Programs

Every year, our sister schools offer various cross-cultural programs and seminars. Students are strongly encouraged to embark on a journey to explore cultures in foreign countries. The credits taken through such programs can be counted as general education credits. The students with the best achievement awards have the opportunity to be funded.