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Admissions for Overseas Chinese

Applicants of Chinese descent who live overseas or had been living overseas for more than 6 years prior to application, and have thus acquired permanent residency from the residing country, must abide by regulations issued by the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students. An admission guide can be found on the committee website.

NTNU Scholarships

Undergraduates: NT$10,000 per semester (one offered for each class in a department)
Graduate Students: NT$15,000 per semester (one offered for each department)
Doctoral Students: NT$20,000 per semester (one offered for each department)

Scholarships for International/Overseas Chinese Students

Those with a minimum average grade of 80% are eligible to apply for a scholarship of NT$8,000. Ten openings are offered to overseas Chinese students.

Scholarships from Other Sources

Various scholarships are also offered by the Ministry of Education, central and local governments, institutions and foundations, and other private sources. Please visit the Office of Student Affairs website for more information.
There are also scholarships especially offered to overseas Chinese students. You can find more information at the Office of International Affairs.

Financial Aid

The Ministry of Education offers financial aid to overseas Chinese students. A monthly aid from NT$2,500 to NT$3,000 is granted if you meet the requirements.


As an overseas Chinese student, the Ministry of Education covers half of your health insurance and the Immigration Agency also provides a 50% discount on the ARC application fee.